Adressing a critical situation

MENA encompasses 12 of the world’s most water-scarce countries, and the average water availability is 6 times below the global average. The current situation and alarming previsions require an urgent field oriented work. Increasing temperatures and evapotranspiration rates, in addition to decreases in precipitation across the region, are making water resources even more scarce and exacerbating challenges to water and food security. Lack of data on water related issues and wetlands state in MENA Region, and difficulty to access to existent. In addition to the disinterest of the new generation from research, and therefore a lack of succession. Weak collaboration between MENA Countries regarding wetlands conservation and restoration, sharing of knowledge and facilitating fundraising for freshwater ecosystems, and non-existence of an official regional network.

MENAWET is a cross-sectoral project whose main mission is to protect and restore wetlands and freshwater ecosystems in the Middle East North Africa region (MENA).

Our approach

Build a strong regional network and facilitate collaboration, enhance capacity building, improve knowledge and encourage youth and women engagement in research, implement wetlands restoration activities and develop effective communication and fundraising tools.

Demo sites

We test technical conservation twinning experiences between MENA countries sharing the same challenges, through the implementation of restoration projects in targeted demonstration sites. We collect specific scientific data on targeted Demo sites to develop adapted solutions and act effectively on the ground.

Institutionnal collaboration

We collaborate with public institutions and scientific institutes to build a first MENA general Database aiming to improve knowledge on Wetlands in the region. We developp MENAWET knowledge exchange platform (KEP) around wetlands conservation and restoration, best practices, study cases and sustainable finance mechanisms.