The MENAWET Prize is an initiative launched by the MENAWET Project to foster innovative initiatives in the field of wetlands conservation, restoration, and sustainable management, specifically targeting the unique challenges and opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This prize aims to enhance and empower the involvement of youth, women, NGOs/Private Sector, and Researchers in conservation activities.

The MENAWET Prize aims to encourage and recognize outstanding initiatives that contributes to the understanding and implementation of effective conservation strategies in the MENA region, with focus on wetlands and freshwater ecosystems.

The MENAWET Prize aims to:

1- Empower and Recognize: Foster youth participation (ages 18-35), women, NGOs/Private Sector Institutions, and academia in creating impactful actions and solutions for the MENA region’s environmental challenges.

2- Catalyze Innovation: Encourage innovative approaches to wetlands and freshwater ecosystems conservation and management.

3- Promote Sustainability: Enhance understanding and implementation of effective, sustainable conservation strategies in the MENA region.